55 Beautiful Gifts for Friends Who Are Like Sisters

Beautiful Gifts For Friends Who Are Like Sisters

Having a best friend is great but having a friend who is like a sister is a completely different kind of friendship. You can gift these beautifully picked gifts for their birthday, as a farewell gift or simply because you want to show her how much you love her. After all, friends like that don’t require a reason to surprise them with a nice gesture! This is why we created the most awesome list of gifts for your friend for life. These gifts are funny, strange, thoughtful, unique and plain amazing. Here are 55 beautiful gifts for friends who are like sisters!

  1. 2 Day Getaway Tinggly Box
  2. Is she your favorite travel buddy? Gift her this Tinggly getaway for you and your bestie! She can choose the capital city you’re going to stay for 2 days! It’s perfect for friends who are like sisters!

  3. Wine Tasting
  4. If your favorite activity is gossiping and drinking wine then make her happy and gift her a wine tasting tour where she can try different types of wine! A thoughtful gift for every wine lover!

  5. Spa Experience
  6. A spa experience is the perfect gift for your BFF as she deserves only the best. It will help relax her body and rejuvenate her soul. She will love you even more after that experience!

  7. Adventure Experience
  8. Maybe she is an adrenaline junkie and loves to face her fears! With this gift she can either drive an exotic car, learn to fly a plane or bungee jump off a bridge! The perfect adventure gift for your beloved friend!

  9. Nature Sketch Subscription Box
  10. For the friend who loves nature and art! Each month she will receive high-quality paint, watercolor paper, transfer paper, sketchbook with binding, and printed & video step-by-step lessons! Insanely cool gift!

  11. Book Subscription
  12. This monthly book subscription box includes an original cocktail/mocktail recipe to compliment the title of the month, up to 3 curated bookish items and access to an invite-only social media platform that allows you to discuss the monthly book selection in real time with fellow readers!

  13. Food Experience
  14. Does she love trying out new recipes and enjoys eating extraordinary food? This food experience from Virgin Experiences will bring her so much joy, whether it’s something exotic or something traditional, this gift is amazing for every foodie!

  15. Baker Dessert Monthly Delivery
  16. Subscription boxes are so popular and are really easy to gift, just choose something you know she’ll like, for example this monthly delivery of 9 High Protein, Sugar Free Cheesecakes, Brownies and more. The perfect way to satisfy her sweet tooth in a healthy way!

  17. Nite Nite and Wake Up Patches
  18. These all-natural patches are designed to help with energy during the day and sleep at night. A very cute little gesture for your sister from another mister!

  19. Personalized Amp Doormat
  20. Every musician will love this creative and extraordinary doormat! You can even personalize it with your besties name! A great gift idea!

  21. Bracelet Hair Tie
  22. Unique bracelet or eye-catching hair accessory? Why not both? With this geode bracelet hair tie there’s no need to choose!

  23. Dog Face Pillow
  24. Every dog person or owner will love this special and funny gift! After all there is nothing cuter than dog face pillows!

  25. Crystals
  26. It is said that crystals have powerful energy and this beautiful collection of seven different crystals will purify the whole body and protect her from bad energy! A very thoughtful gift for your BFF who is spiritual and loves anything healing.

  27. Best Friend Magic Box
  28. Before she goes to bed she will always think of you and she will fall asleep with a smile on her face knowing what an amazing friend she has!

  29. Day Kimono
  30. Show her how much you appreciate her by buying her something beautiful like this amazing Day Kimono. She can wear it on a sleepy morning after a night out with you! A perfect mix of comfy clothing and a beautiful Indonesian design!

  31. Unique Journal
  32. Have you realized that she is super stressed out lately? Show her how much you care about her mental health and gift her this gorgeous journal so she can write all her thoughts down, as writing has been proven to be the best therapy!

  33. Garden Ducklings
  34. Extremely cute, unique and maybe a little bit strange, but definitely special! This trio of darling ducklings are adorable to decorate your besties garden!

  35. Floral Book Sleeve
  36. These handmade fun and colourful sleeves are the perfect way to carry and protect her book, notebook or e-reader. It’s the perfect gift for every bookworm!

  37. Wine Holder
  38. This cool looking wine holder with an amazing design is ideal for a picnic outside! What are you waiting for, go and have an outdoor adventure together!

  39. Pampering Set
  40. With this cute little set she will be able to experience the tranquility of a spa without ever leaving home. This will encourage her to take a little “me” time with two of the nourishing bath and spa collections!

  41. Repurposed Bag
  42. This colorful repurposed bag symbolizes the exciting times you have when you are with your bestie! It’s hand woven and great for women who love big unique bags!

  43. Body Care Gift Set
  44. A hand-sewn floral cosmetic pouch with the cutest spa-aspired set. A cute little gesture for friends who are like sisters!

  45. Aromatherapy Box
  46. Beautifully packed and absolutely stunning. For the spa experience at home. Show her how much you cherish her with this aromatherapy box!

  47. Glass Water Bottle
  48. The most stylish water bottle for the eco friendly friend! And with every purchase, a donation is made to water projects! For the earth child who wants to save the planet!

  49. Dried Flower DIY Kit
  50. For those days when you are not around and she feels bored and wants to get creative, this dried flower DIY Kit will bring her so much joy! She can make her own indoor decoration from blooms and leaves grown on sustainable farms! As natural as it gets!

  51. Black Obsidian Ring
  52. Woooow! The most beautiful and unique ring for the most beautiful and unique friend! It can’t get any better than this, absolutely stunning!

  53. Best Friend Picture Frame
  54. This is not only a cute picture frame for room decor, but also a sentimental gift for friends who are like sisters! It’s well-made, cute and thoughtful!

  55. Foldover Clutch
  56. Maybe it’s your bestie’s birthday and you’re looking for something unique. Stop looking! This beautiful red bag is what every woman desires! It’s timeless, elegant, super chic and with it’s purchase you support communities in Ethiopia to thrive!

  57. Unbiological Sister Necklace
  58. What’s a better a way to express that she is like your sister than with this heartfelt gift? It will show your appreciation to your true soul sister!

  59. Scented Candles Set
  60. This set of 7 scented candles have four sensual and calming fragrances including lavender, rose, lemon, citrus, fig, jasmine and blue campanula. It’s the best gift for your bestie if she loves aromatherapy or to simply relax in her spa time.

  61. Thank You Bag
  62. To simply say thank you for everything she has done for you! Inspired by San Francisco’s 2007 plastic bag this one is from recycled taffeta instead of plastic. It’s a nice message and she can use it for shopping!

  63. Crystal Suncatcher
  64. Bring some magic to her room by gifting her this gorgeous and handmade crystal prism sun catcher. It will always bright up her mood when she feels down!

  65. Banana Saving Hat
  66. This gift is too fun to not to give! She’ll probably laugh her a** off when she sees that because it’s so adorable. For every bestie that loves strange but funny gifts!

  67. Talking Pints
  68. A pair of talking point pints that lead you into a new topic with every sip. The more you sip, the more you’ll learn about the person sitting across from you. This gift is great to get to know your BFF even more!

  69. Stone Facial Massage Tool
  70. A stone facial massage tool is so trendy right now! She definitely needs one of those! It soothes tired muscles, breaks up fascia, promotes circulation, and encourages lymphatic drainage. Definitely a must have for the friend who is like a sister to you!

  71. Flower Soap
  72. This absolutely beautiful hand crafted soap looks magical with those flowers on top, smells lovely and on top of that it’s also organic! A cute little present for your bestie!

  73. Mushroom Mask
  74. With this insanely magical migraine mask will have the sweetest dreams! Illustrated with a print featuring mushrooms and crystals, it’s not only easy on the eyes but also helps to rest after a long day of working in front of a computer screen!

  75. Brown Sugar Scrub
  76. This exfoliating and moisturizing sugar scrub is for both facial and body scrub. It is softer than regular sugar scrubs, while remaining strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells and make way for the healthier, glowing clear skin. Your bestie will love it!

  77. Friendship Jar
  78. A gift that will amaze and make her happy throughout all 31 days because that’s how many quotations it contains. These quotes are created in a way that after reading most of them your friend will remember some pleasant moment from your friendship. Such a thoughtful gift!

  79. Garlic Smasher
  80. There is always that one weirdo that can’t get enough of garlic in her food and if your BFF is one of them then you can’t go wrong with this gift. It’s a funny metaphor to show her that you support her weirdness!

  81. Book of Spells
  82. That’s definitely an unusual gift for your bestie but also magical! This illustrated book full of spells, stories and activities is for the secret witch and contains a Best Friend Forever spell!

  83. Yoga Mat
  84. The perfect gift for the yoga freak! This cork yoga mat is anti-slip, hypoallergenic and also contains more than 100 yoga stretches and poses! Probably the best yoga mat for the passionate yogi! Also a great opportunity to go to yoga class together next time, so she can try it out!

  85. Bestie Candle Holder
  86. A little gesture for the unbiological sister who is still family! “To my bestie. Because of you. I laugh a litle harder. Cry a little less and Smile a lot more. Thank you for being my unbiological sister” This lovely message is engraved on wood to last forever, just like your friendship!

  87. Table Server
  88. Does she prepare the most delicious food platters when you come and visit? With this cool looking table server she can now serve them in the most beautiful way and you two can exchange the newest gossip while enjoying healthy snacks!

  89. Book Club Puzzle
  90. For the friend who is an introvert and just loves books, puzzles and staying at home this is the perfect gift! This unique puzzle isn’t unlike a good book: packed with colorful characters and clever wordplay!

  91. Best Friends Mug
  92. A personalized mug for your soul sister with your and your best friend’s name on it! A nice companion to her coffee or tea in the morning!

  93. Pressed Flowers Art
  94. Why not gift her a piece of extraordinary and beautiful art? The dried flowers are arranged in a unique pattern within a mold, where then plant-based eco- resin is poured over top to seal them in place! Such a lovely gift!

  95. Charm Bracelet
  96. With it’s five-point star or crescent moon that glitters with unprocessed natural diamonds and 18-karat gold vermeil, this bracelet makes the perfect adjustable band for your BFF’s wrist!

  97. Personalized Friends Portrait
  98. How cool is this personalized digital art print! All you need to do is select your favorite picture of the two of you, the size and the paper type. E voilà, you have a unique gift that you can give to your friend who is like a sister to you! She’ll definitely love it!

  99. Embroidered Apron
  100. For the friend who is like family and loves to cook but want’s to stay clean at the same time. With it’s embroidered designs of birds, butterflies, and flowers, it celebrates the bold colors of Mexico City. Plus the front pocket has enough room to stash all the tools of her trade! This will show her how much you cherish her!

  101. Friendship Journal
  102. You think you know your friend but there is always more to the story. With this journal that contains 60 questions will deepen the bond between any dynamic duo and once your bestie is done filling each page, they’ll return a book of their life for you to read!

  103. Love You Trinket Dish
  104. Show your beloved flower enthusiast that you get her. These little ceramic bowls using real flowers pressed into clay are simply the cutest for your friend who is like a sister!

  105. Long Distance Friendship Lamp
  106. If you don’t see her that often because you or her moved away this is the perfect gift for the two of you! When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow!

  107. The Best Friend Game
  108. She is more than your friend, she is family! But how good do you really know her? Pick one from 250 questions, and try to guess their answers like “What was the most fun we’ve ever had together?” Great for a game night together!

  109. Clinique Skincare Set
  110. A Skincare Set is a gift every woman will enjoy! This Clinique Set includes 7 high quality cosmetic items she can use to moisturize, clean or reduce puffiness on her skin.

    That wraps up our list of beautiful gifts for friends who are like sisters! Surely you found something that will put a smile on her face when she unwraps the gift! But if you still need ideas, you can check out our list of birthday gifts for female friends!