31 Best Unusual 70th Birthday Gifts for Her

Unusual 70th Birthday Gifts for Her

We all love a quirky and unusual older women, whether she’s our aunty, our favorite teacher, our sister, wife or mom. Gifting her is never boring, and now we’ve made it easier! We’ve found the best unusual gifts for her that will have her looking and feeling amazing. As usual we’ve included experiences that she’ll never forget plus exciting subscription boxes that she will look forward to each month. So here are our best unusual 70th birthday gifts for her. Enjoy our list and hopefully you get some great ideas and inspiration!

  1. Mindfulness Box
  2. Mindfulness is something every woman needs to practice. Each box will contain up to 8 items like crystal jewelry, raw crystals, aromatherapy, affirmation cards, home decor and other spiritual tools, all designed to soothe her mind, body and soul.

  3. Online Experience
  4. There are so many cool and fun experiences for her to experience online! Everything from cooking classes to fitness classes and dancing lessons.

  5. Gourmet Baking Subscription
  6. This subscription contains pre-measured shelf-stable ingredients, easy-to-follow step-by-step recipe cards and essential baking tools or that will get her ready to whip up desserts for friends and family!

  7. Outdoor Wine Table
  8. If she loves a good old picnic in the backyard with her loved ones, this birch plywood designed table folds flat, locks in both open and closed positions, and the fiber glass spike lets you plant the table securely in grass or sand.

  9. Travel the World Subscription
  10. This incredible Wanderkarma Artisan subscription is for the world traveler and lover of handmade products from around the world. Each month she’ll receive up to 5 artisan or traditional items from different countries, including fair trade jewelry, handbags, and home decor.

  11. Accessory Subscription
  12. For accessory lovers, this monthly collection sends out beautiful fashion related items, like necklaces, earrings and bangles, and each box is valued over $100!

  13. Dance or Music Lessons
  14. Does she love all things dance and music? Virgin Experiences offers different dance lessons, romantic boat cruises she can dance the night away on and even private DJ lessons!

  15. Seasonal Earthlove Box
  16. Each box is packed with the best ethical, mindful, and sustainable self-care and home products that are good for her and good for the planet! Perfect for the eco-friendly woman.

  17. Kayaking Experience
  18. Even though it’s her 70th birthday, she may still love a bit of action and adventure! Get her out on a kayak in one of the fun Virgin Experiences days out.

  19. Listen Color Relax
  20. This is such a great option for unusual 70th birthday gifts for her, especially if she tends to stress or suffers anxiety. She’ll receive a collection of coloring pages, calming piano music and relaxation tips. The variety of unique projects is designed to reduce anxiety and promote a more meditative mindset.

  21. Patchwork Apron
  22. Aprons can get super boring, but not this one! Artisans in Bangladesh stitch repurposed sari swatches together and decorate these aprons with traditional kantha stitch in contrasting colors.

  23. Edibles Cookbook
  24. This cheeky cookbook is full of sophisticated, delicious recipes that focus on low-dose treats for a mild, relaxing buzz. There are 30 delectable sweet and savory dishes for cooks of all skill levels. An unusual gift for sure!

  25. Weather Predicting Swan
  26. Now this is unusual! When there’s fair weather ahead, the black liquid inside sinks low in the neck, and when atmospheric pressure is low and the liquid rises towards the swan’s head. Just add water!

  27. Peace and Pages Subscription
  28. For the bookworm who loves relaxing at home, this subscription includes a well-received book in a genre of her choice along with unique relaxation items and gifts from small shops across America.

  29. Succulent Subscription Box
  30. If her home is full of indoor plants, then this is the perfect unusual 70th birthday gift for her. Each month she’ll receive new, totally adorable, succulents to display around her house.

  31. Couples Split Blanket
  32. If she’s always trying to get the covers back from her bed partner, this clever sheet set is what she needs! With a flat sheet that’s split from the top and ends just before the bottom, it stays securely tucked at the foot of the bed and gives each party their own piece of blanket!

  33. Gardeners Tool Seat
  34. This is perfect for her if she’s always out in the garden. She can spare her knees and keep her tools at hand with this multi-function gardener’s seat. It combines the features of a folding chair with a tool bag and is lightweight too!

  35. Blue Heron Farm Subscription
  36. Each month she’ll get to enjoy the new scents of the most popular Goat Milk Bath products from Blue Heron Farms. This is a great gift for women who have sensitive skin!

  37. Rude Finger Candle
  38. Sassy 70 year olds will get a right laugh out of this rude finger candle. The unusual candle shape will have her house guests in fits of laughter.

  39. Polymer Clay Earring Subscriptions
  40. All of the earrings in this subscription are handmade from polymer clay, with heaps of unique and unusual designs that will have her looking fabulous day in, day out.

  41. Care Box
  42. This care box subscription is designed for our ageing loved one! Each box comes with games, snacks and homey goodies. Perfect if she lives across the country and you want to show her some love!

  43. Perfume Subscription
  44. Every woman deserves to smell amazing! If you think she’d love a new perfume plus other scented goodies each month, then this is for her.

  45. Eye Stones
  46. These definitely look unusual but they are amazing! Made from Finnish bedrock that is more than two billion years old (DAMN!), these stone disks bring relief to tired eyes. Chill them in the refrigerator and apply on or under the eyes for a relaxing way to unwind.

  47. Garden Pot Hanger
  48. This is definitely an unusual way to hang plants! Suspend the ingenious wooden hanger on a porch, balcony, or even indoors and watch the plants grow upwards!

  49. Murder Mystery Puzzle Book
  50. An unusual way to pass the time, for all the armchair detectives out there! Crack 20 different cases using a variety of puzzle-solving skills. Each mysterious case is illustrated to help bring the adventure to life.

  51. Wine Soaps
  52. These all-natural vegan soaps are a blended from popular red and white wine varieties with complementary scents and oils that will have her feeling fresh and in need of a glass!

  53. Glass Zipper Bag Sculpture
  54. This unusual glass art piece is designed to look like an open ziplock bag! Perfect for holding just about anything, candy for the grandkids, chocolates for herself, anything!

  55. Birthday Month Shower Steamers
  56. Shower steamers are a great way to bring a bit of that spa day luxury to her home. This gift box has four fizzy cubes that are handmade with aromatherapy essential oils inspired by her birthday month.

  57. National Park Necklace
  58. If she loves unusual jewelry then this is for her. Each handmade earth-clay pendant is a tribute to different US natural treasures.

  59. Flamingo Tea Set
  60. Tea time is about to get quirky! This cute and unusual tea set has a flamingo design and will be a talking point for anyone who has tea with her.

    No doubt you’ve found just what you were looking for on our list of unusual 70th birthday gifts for her! If not, read the list again! Our mix of different gifts for her should tick some boxes. We’ve got some other great gifts for 70 year olds too, check out our best 70th birthday gifts for her.