25 Cool Gifts For Men Who Workout

Cool Gifts For Men Who Workout

More and more people are working out regularly these days, especially men. If he is a fitness loving guy, he will love our chosen gifts that are trendy and also very useful! We’ve got everything from sports wear, to equipment to gift boxes! Our list of cool gifts for men who workout will help you find something he’s definitely going to need for his next workout session either in the gym or at home!

  1. Champion Jogger Pants
  2. The perfect sports wear with good quality for the gym is so important. With these cool looking Champion jogger pants he will feel comfortable and confident. A great gift for men who workout!

  3. Workout Equipment
  4. This pulley system gym will allow him to do various exercise, such as biceps curl, triceps exercise, row, fly and more! It’s a great gift for men who workout at home!

  5. Basketball Wastebasket
  6. For every sports freak this basketball wastebasket is a cool gift idea as he can turn tossing trash out into something fun! He’ll definitely love it!

  7. Funny Mug
  8. You definitely need to get him this mug if he can’t stop talking about the gym. It’s not only a funny idea but also a nice gesture for every gym lover!

  9. Jump Rope
  10. Jump Ropes are well known for both cardio and shaping your muscles! But this specific one precisely counts time and it will show the number of circles you jump and the calories been burn. That would help to achieve even better fitness result

  11. AirPods
  12. The perfect gift doesn’t exist? Wrong! Every gym shark listens to music and this classic AirPods are made for a gym session as they’re wireless, have a battery that lasts up to 24 hours and high-quality sound!

  13. NanoDry Towel
  14. Forget about bulky towels after the gym. This ultralight, incredibly compact towel is poised to replace your cotton or microfiber version. It’s antibacterial and great for his next gym session!

  15. Workout Planner
  16. This is simply the most amazing gift! He can write down his training goals, achieve them faster, record everything and monitoring his whole process!

  17. unching Bag with Stand
  18. The inflatable punching ball Speed Bag comes with a durable base, spring loaded adjustable shaft, a pair of comfortable boxing gloves and inflation pump for his boxing ball. It will help raise his heart rate while helping to develop timing, speed and accuracy of hand and eye coordination! The perfect gift for men who workout!

  19. Nike Sneaker
  20. Classic, great quality and lets your foot move naturally. The perfect shoes from Nike for either the gym or for running. Either way, if he works out he’ll need amazing shoes like these!

  21. Personalized Shorts
  22. These shorts are extremely cool and stylish! And the best is that you can personalize them with the recipients name or any other message you’d like to be there.

  23. Bracelet
  24. This handmade dumbbell bracelet is motivational and great to wear as an arm bracelet, or arm jewelry. A lovely gift for men who workout!

  25. Fitness Gift Box
  26. If you can’t decide what to gift him, just give him a whole gift box full of goodies! This one includes items like protein snacks, nourishing face masks for men, a towel a jump rope and many more!


  27. Ab Roller Wheel
  28. If he doesn’t have time to go to the gym but still wants to build his muscles this ab roller wheel is a must have! it is designed to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and legs.

  29. Bike Cupholder
  30. This is great when he wants to stay hydrated on the road. This easy to use cupholder for the bike is adjustable so it can hold small as well as big drinks.

  31. Aches and Pain Organic Balm
  32. This works especially well for sore joints and muscles, to ease aches and pain. Plus, it’s handmade with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. A lovely gift for the man who loves to workout.

  33. Press and Infuse Bottle
  34. Every man who loves staying healthy needs this clever bottle which presses fruit for a flavorful, delicious infusion! A fun way to enjoy delicious flavors without adding sugar!

  35. Recycled Yoga Mat
  36. Everyone that works out needs a mat in his life and this cool yoga mat is recycled from neoprene wetsuits! Neoprene is a closed cell foam, so it won’t accumulate dust and bacteria from your floor. What an amazing gift for men who work out!

  37. Outdoor Wristband
  38. Fell calmer on your next outdoor adventure with this wristband as it uses encrypted technology to store important medical info, like your blood type, allergies, medical conditions, and more! A very safe way to move your body and a great gesture to show the gift receiver that you care about his health!

  39. Personalized Ankle Socks
  40. These cool socks come with a set of 5, for almost every day of the week. He will always have clean socks in the gym which are personalized with his name, date or a little message from you!

  41. Organic Muscle Rub
  42. Perfect for soothing muscles as it takes the hot-and-cold sensation of menthol and gives it a boost by infusing it with an array natural oils. It’s great to calm his hardworking body!

  43. Yoga Wheel
  44. Many people think Yoga is for women, although the first yogis were men and nowadays more and more men join yoga classes. With this cool looking yoga wheel he can roll out sore muscles and strengthen his core. It’s also great if he wants to work on his flexibility!

  45. Standing Desk Balance Board
  46. With this cool balance board he can get physical and engage his entire body with just the right amount of motion to keep him active. It’s perfect for breaks in between work at the office.

  47. Fitness Dice
  48. Take the “work” out of your workouts at home or on the road with this innovative fitness dice set. It’s great for barbells, props, or equipment; these seven wooden cubes require only your body weight and are also a lot of fun!

  49. Home Workout Resistance Bands
  50. Every man who works out needs these resistance bands for his workout at home. They are an all-in-one tool to strengthen and tone just about any muscle!

    That wraps up our list of cool gifts for men who workout. Hopefully inspiration has struck and you’ve found something he doesn’t already have! If you’re still looking for gifts for people who love to move their body check out our list of gifts for friends who workout!