23 Magical Zodiac Gifts For Women

Magical Zodiac Gifts For Women

Looking for an astrology-themed gift for her? From blankets, to prints, to jewelry, this list of magical gifts covers it all! Gifting someone a zodiac related gift is very personal and makes the gift extra special. No need to look for hours on different websites as we’ve done all the research for you and found the best of the best! Scroll through this list of 23 magical zodiac gifts for women and make your loved one a beautiful gesture!

  1. Glow in the Dark Blanket
  2. This extremely cool blanket is not only super comfy but also glows in the dark! The fabric feels amazing on your skin and the constellation design will bring the wonders of the night sky and outer space to your home! A great gift for any zodiac!

  3. Zodiac Necklace
  4. The stars are arranged in your zodiac constellation on this delicate sterling silver pendant and also it comes with a card highlighting your galactic-given attributes. How magical!

  5. Zodiac Socks
  6. Astrology theme and sustainable material. Pick the zodiac and enjoy these comfy socks at home. You’ll definitely shine wearing them!

  7. Star Sign Notebook
  8. Journaling is so therapeutic, but this notebook is so much more than that. It comes with a needle and instructions so you can stitch your own zodiac sign, you’ll also receive a pen for jotting down your goals, dreams, and gratitude lists. What a magical zodiac gift for women!

  9. Crystal Glass Figurine Decor
  10. This 3D crystal nightlight lamp creates a comfortable light which is great for your room, a courtyard, the dinner table or parties. The best is though that it has your zodiac engraved!

  11. Zodiac Glass
  12. Each stemless wine glass has a zodiac sign printed on it, and includes the names of all the associated stars, how cool is that? It’s a great gift if you are looking for chic astrology decor or a zodiac related gift idea!

  13. Zodiac Shirt
  14. This T-shirt is Unisex size, ultra soft, side-seamed and very comfortable. Not only has it your zodiac sign written on it, but also your zodiac perks!

  15. Custom Zodiac Ring
  16. This custom constellation ring is great if you want to gift if to a lover or a friend as you can choose two constellations which will be engraved, so the gift receiver will always be reminded of you. If he/she are in a different place, he/she will feel like you are next to each other.

  17. Zodiac Sign Healing Stones
  18. Based on the characteristics of each zodiac sign, this box includes 6 healing crystals to help you. Whether you wish to embrace more positivity in your life or need an energy crystal to dispel negativity. A very spiritual and thoughtful gift for women!

  19. Zodiac Neon Sign
  20. You can choose a custom color and size of this unique art piece. With this beautiful light you can adjust your neon to any brightness you want and create a beautiful ambiance throughout the room!

  21. Zodiac Bag
  22. This cute little bag is the perfect companion for your everyday life, Either it’s for groceries, the beach or the park, it looks cute and is handmade, which makes it extra special.

  23. Astrological Candle
  24. Celebrate your zodiac sign and the scent of cedarwood will awaken new forms of creativity within you. A truly magnificent zodiac gift for women!

  25. Zodiac Constellation Cuff
  26. This beautiful cuff of sterling silver customized with your sign’s constellation is very unique and surely looks amazing around your wrist.

  27. Bed Fleece Blanket
  28. This comfy fleece blanket with your zodiac sign printed on it look breathtaking and mysterious. The high quality fleece makes this piece warm, breathable & skin-friendly!

  29. Zodiac Stash Box
  30. The first thing you’ll notice using this box is the beautiful and unique design. And the second thing, is the quality right down to the lock and hinges! It’s perfect to store your jewelry in it!

  31. Zodiac Ring
  32. How about this cool looking rings with your zodiac sign represented on it? Snag one for yourself and embrace your zodiac destiny, or make it a personalized gift with an extra special meaning!

  33. Zodiac Candle with Flowers and Crystals
  34. These special zodiac crystal aromatherapy candles are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Rose petals, lavender buds and Reiki charged crystals top off each special candle. So magical!

  35. Custom Star Sign Print
  36. All prints are designed to be mixed and matched to create the perfect poster set for your home with the zodiac sign of your choice! A great and aesthetic gift idea for women!

  37. Origami Necklaces
  38. Each carefully cast creation represents a sign of the zodiac, the group of constellations that governs astrology. Every pendants is as intricate—and as vibrant—as the personality it depicts!

  39. Keychain
  40. This cute little keychain contains real hand-pressed and dyed flowers and also underlines your zodiac sign. What makes this gift extra special, is that everything is handmade with love!

  41. Hand Embroidered Astrology Pillows
  42. Colorful, handmade and embroidery on each of these pillows with the essence of a zodiac sign. Each piece is a unique work of art and makes it the perfect eye-catcher in every room!

  43. Zodiac Cups Set
  44. Customize your own Strata cup with the zodiac of your choice. You’ll get a set of two cups both in white and black. A cool looking gift for your home!

  45. Zodiac Sign Tea
  46. For every tea lover this is the perfect gift! Each of these custom zodiac tea blends combines fine teas and botanicals to suit a sun sign! So lovely!

    Well, there is our list of magical zodiac gifts for women! These gifts are very personal and unique, so choose a gift that you think will make your loved one smile the most! If you’re still on a gift finding roll, check out best birthday gifts for female friends!