36 Best Gifts for Your Fiancé

Gifts for your fiancé

Right now, you’re at a special stage in your relationship and you probably can’t wait for the big day! But before you get married you want to surprise him/her with something innovative and awesome! Well it’s your lucky day, because we’ve done all the research for you and put a list together of the best gifts for your fiancé! Scroll down to browse unique surprise ideas for your future husband or wife.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  2. Enjoy one of the most romantic experiences available, and take your love to new heights with a private hot air balloon ride. Perfect for celebrating your engagement. Your fiancé will definitely never forget this breathtaking experience!

  3. Wine Tasting
  4. If wine is your fiancés world, then raise a glass and nourish his/her soul with a private wine tasting. Enjoy a romantic date night with your partner that you’ll always remember.

  5. Wedding Dance Lessons
  6. It’s tradition that the groom and the bride open the dance floor with their first dance as a married couple. You will both remember this moment for the rest of your life and this gift will make both of you shine on your wedding day, as you learn proper posture, confidence and style during this class.

  7. Fun Together Box
  8. This Tinggly Gift Box for two people with over 400 experiences in over 100 countries to choose is a cool gift for you and your fiancé to simply enjoy your togetherness and a great getaway for the weekend! Go pack your bag and create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

  9. Date Night
  10. Why don’t escape for one night with your husband or wife to a city of your choice? With Date Night from Virgin Experiences your better half can choose an experience that they like the most. A very special gift that you and your fiancé will definitely enjoy.

  11. Spa Day
  12. Spoil them with their own massage, spa day or share the love during a couples massage to relax and release tension. This is the quality time you both deserve.

  13. Parasailing Experience
  14. Fly high with a parasailing adventure for you and your fiancé. For every adrenaline junkie and couples that want to experience something new.

  15. Custom LED Song Album Cover with your Picture
  16. Do you and your fiancé share a song of how you two met, or when you kissed for the first time or just a song you both love? No doubt, this is the perfect gift then. With this custom photo plaque you can turn any picture and your favourite song into a unique gesture!

  17. Personalized Engraved Wallet Card
  18. This engraved wallet card is made from stainless steel and contains a beautiful message. With this, he will always have a love note from you in his pocket.

  19. 24K Gold Dipped Rose
  20. A real rose that has been covered in resin and dipped in gold. A perfect gift for your fiancé to show your real long love for him or her.

  21. Custom Double Name Ring
  22. A nice quality piece with the names of the two of you. A wonderful gift if you want a ring which symbolizes your love and you simply can’t wait until the wedding!

  23. Monthly Bridal Box
  24. This monthly Bridal Box is for the bride to be. A thoughtful present to show her how excited you are about your new chapter in life. Surprise her each month with this bridal box that includes items from apparel to accessories to wedding planning tools.

  25. Personalized Painting
  26. Order a beautiful and high quality portrait of you and your fiancé from a special moment in your life to make it even more memorable. Just pick the picture and wait to see your fiancés eyes sparkle when he or she opens it.

  27. Fiancé Sweatshirt
  28. Get your fiancé this super cozy sweatshirt so he or she can proudly show off that you two are getting married soon! You can also order one for you and choose between different colours so you can match!

  29. Chakra Couples Game
  30. If you both are spiritual people our just curious about your bond this chakra couples game is perfect for you and your loved one. This gift will bring you two even closer together. It includes 14 cards and is based on asking each other questions related to the chakra you pick.

  31. Personalized Heart Shaped Collage
  32. What a special gift for your fiancé. Pick your best pictures together and create a collage in a heart shape. This will remember you both of the beautiful time you have spent together already and will surely look great on your wall!

  33. Naked Love Box
  34. Subscription gifts are always great and this special one will help couples boost their relationship! Each month, you’ll receive high-quality games, resources, lifestyle and bath/body products, and more! Sexy!

  35. Personalized Constellation of Love
  36. What is more romantic than a picture of the night sky from a moment you want to remember forever? This personalized constellation of love framed poster can be the moment you first met or the day you proposed, the date and time is for you to choose. The perfect gift for your fiancé that is not only meaningful but also memorializes your love.

  37. Personalized Cutting Board
  38. If you both love cooking together this personalized cutting board is the perfect gift for playful dinner dates at home. Whether you are preparing cheese or cutting vegetables, this handcrafted cutting board will give your work a personal touch. It will also look great on your kitchen counter when not in use.

  39. The Kissing Mugs
  40. Shaped like faces kissing, these mugs are perfect to enjoy coffee together in the morning with your other half. Very cute mugs for a newly engaged couple!

  41. Wedding Planer and Organizer
  42. You both are engaged, full of happiness and the next step is planning the wedding. Everyone knows that planning a wedding is always super stressful but this Wedding Planner is the perfect companion to help you plan your perfect wedding, keep everything organized and reduce your stress level. The perfect gift for you and your fiancé!

  43. How Do I Love Thee From A-Z
  44. What is more beautiful than 26 love letters from your better half from A-Z? This personal and unique gift will make sure that your fiancés heart beats faster.

  45. Aromatherapy Body and Massage Oil
  46. Give your fiancé some love and surprise him or her with a body massage with these natural essential oils made from the most calming herbs and flowers. A very thoughtful gift for your stressed fiancé.

  47. Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print
  48. How about this awesome personalized movie marquee photo print? Celebrate your engagement in a cinematic style and choose your own title, your names and a special date, maybe of your engagement or the day you two met. A truly unique gift for your fiancé!

  49. Couple´s Bucket List
  50. Create a list of things to try together and bring a new spark to the relationship. A beautiful way to dream about your future together and a lot of fun too!

  51. DIY Plaster Statue Molding Kit
  52. Theres nothing like holding hands of loved ones. With this hand casting you will preserve every precious detail of your and your fiancés hand and you will always be able to hold onto a memory. A truly treasured gift.

  53. Couple´s Split Blanket and Sheet Set
  54. This couple´s blanket is split from the top down to the bottom and allows you and your partner to cuddle while the hottest sleeper can cool off. No more fights in the middle of the night over who stole the covers. A cozy gift for your partner!

  55. Travel World Map
  56. Do you just love to travel together and tick countries off your bucket list? With this world map you can now scratch off every place you’ve visited together and slowly but surely the map will get more colourful. A very unique gift for your travel buddy!

  57. Cross Pen
  58. Why not gift your fiancé a beautiful pen from Cross that he or she can use proudly? This extraordinary and luxury gift is something for a lifetime, just like your partner!

  59. Movie Night at Home
  60. Sometimes the most romantic dates are the ones where you both just stay at home and watch movies together. This Movie Night Box with all the goodies is just perfect to share with your fiancé while enjoying a blockbuster on the couch.

  61. Questions for Couples Journal
  62. A unique journal for you and your fiancé to get to know each other even better. It provides 400 questions to improve your communication and strengthen your bond.

  63. 100 Dates Poster
  64. You have no idea what you two should do tonight? This beautifully designed poster will give you 100 great ideas for dates and is also very fun to use. There are classic, fun and unique ones. Now you just have to pick!

  65. Wine Stand
  66. What is better than enjoying a glass of wine together with some candlelight? This beautiful personalized piece has two wine glass holders for you and your fiancé. All you need to do now is open the bottle and enjoy a romantic evening.

  67. Gratitude Candle
  68. Show your partner how grateful you are to have him/her in your life. This handmade candle will lighten up your fiancés mood right away. With every purchase you also support women refugees from Iraq, Haiti or Congo.

  69. Monogamy Board Game
  70. Life is not always fun and games but sometimes it very well can be. This extraordinary Monogamy Board Game allows you to try new things together and spice things up a little. With over 400 different tasks and questions on the Monogamy cards you can play this game again and again, so it never gets boring. Ready, steady, go!

  71. Personalized Engaged Mugs
  72. A beautiful gesture to invite your fiancé on a road trip or go camping somewhere. A very cute mug for newly engaged couples!

    That wraps up our list of 36 gifts for your fiancé! We’ve covered a bunch of different ideas including personalized gifts that they can enjoy at home, and many unique and adventurous ideas for date night! ! If you’re still on the hunt for gifts for your fiancé, check out our list of expensive gifts for her or boyfriends who have everything!