30 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

50th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

It’s time to spoil your husband for his 50th birthday! We’ve taken all the leg work out of finding the perfect gift for his special day, so all you have to do is show up with the gift and you’re good to go! Whether your husband loves the great outdoors, his car, DIY projects, a good stiff drink or all of the above, we have it all plus more. Here are the best 50th birthday gifts for husbands!

  1. Helicopter Tour
  2. Sky-high views on a helicopter above the skyline of your choice for the two of you. Give your husband an adventure he will never forget. This will take his breath away!

  3. Wine Tasting
  4. If wine is his world and you are looking for a unique date night, this Wine Tasting experience is the perfect gift for your husband. What more can you ask for?

  5. Grill Masters Club
  6. Is he really your husband if he isn’t obsessed with BBQ season and can’t stop inviting friends and family over for a BBQ get together? This package might be the perfect choice for his 50th Birthday then. It includes a monthly delivery of the best BBQ sauces, spices, recipes, supplies and more for everyone who loves to try out new things and upgrade their grill master skills.

  7. Golf Experience
  8. This unique and personalized collection of the New York Times front pages from each year of his birthday will make your husband feel extra special on his big day. It´s also great to bring the whole family together to look back at the past 50 years. The perfect gift for the perfect man.

  9. Taste the World Gift Box
  10. Every country has their own special cuisine. With this Gift Box your husband can choose a unique culinary experience for two from all around the world. Traditional Tapas Cooking in Seville, Tagine Cooking Class in Marrakech or Brazilian Food Cooking in Rio, he can pick one from over 100 options. You will definitely make your husband happy with that gift as the way to a man´s heart is through his stomach.

  11. Food and Drink Experience
  12. Enjoy an exquisite dinner in the comfort of your own home, relax and enjoy exceptional cuisine prepared by a professional Chef, eat dinner aboard a yacht or take a food tour around the city! So many great options for the food enthusiast!

  13. Monthly Subscription Box for Whiskey Tasting
  14. Men who get older are like whiskey, they get better with age! Surprise your man with a tasting box which he will receive every month, including four different premium bottles of whiskey, glen-cairn glass, cork cup base, unique marble ice cubes and some snacks to make this experience even more enjoyable.

  15. Driving Experience
  16. Is he always talking about cars, car parts and the need for speed? A driving experience of his choice will surely be an adventure he will remember for the rest of his life.

  17. Getaway Just For The Two of You
  18. With this Tinggly gift card he can choose a hotel stay in over 100 countries just for the two of you. A great opportunity to plan your next travel destination together and make him excited to explore the world with you!

  19. Cigar Club Monthly Membership Box
  20. Is there a better feeling than relaxing on the weekend with a classic Havana cigar? If your husband loves excellent quality cigars, this monthly delivery box of 3-4 hand rolled cigars is the perfect gift for his 50th Birthday!

  21. Superior Dress Sock Subscription
  22. The perfect gift for the perfect gentleman. Premium dress socks crafted utilizing a 200 needle count knitting process which guarantees the best fabric quality. A beyond comfortable and good looking gift that will make your husband look extra handsome!

  23. Spiffster Tie Club
  24. Every man needs a bow tie and a necktie in his closet. With these beautiful handcrafted neckties and bow ties made from silk, cotton and wool he will be the best looking guy in the room. A great gift that will amaze every grown man!

  25. Couple´s Split Blanket and Sheet Set
  26. This couple´s blanket is split from the top down to the bottom and allows you and your partner to cuddle while the hottest sleeper can cool off. No more fights in the middle of the night over who stole the covers. A cozy gift for your better half!

  27. My Life Story – So Far
  28. Your husband records events others may not necessarily ask or know about and all the stories for his kids and grand kids to remember him long after he’s gone. A special book with a nice design that can be passed by from one generation to another and makes a beautiful present for your husbands 50th birthday!

  29. Bedside Essential Pocket
  30. For the man who is always well organized. With this bedside or couch pocket he will know exactly know where to find his eye glasses, the TV remote or his phone. This gift keeps his most used items in easy reach.

  31. Handmade Wooden Foot Massager
  32. Have you noticed how exhausted your husband seems after work when he comes home? Give him an extraordinary gift for his 50th birthday to give him the relaxation he deserves. This handmade wooden foot massager is perfect for the overworked husband. He can use it either at work as it stores easily under a desk or at the end of the day on the couch to soothe the painful feet.

  33. Engraved Hammer
  34. For his next project at home, this super unique gift will definitely put a smile on his face and make him want to create something special! Made from real wood with a personal message of your choice.  

  35. Beer Caddy
  36. For sporting events, picnics, road trips, beaches, fishing or any other gathering that requires you to bring your own drinks, this will be a great gift for your beer lover! A comfortable and practical caddy which allows plenty room for 6 bottles and as an extra also has an attached bottle opener, so your man has everything on hand immediately.

  37. Turntable Cheese Board
  38. This unique turntable cheese board will be the eye-catcher at your next dinner party. If he loves hosting friends and has a passion for music, this is a super cute and functional gift for his birthday!

  39. Personalized Whiskey Glass
  40. Make your husband feel special with this old fashioned but timeless gift. It will remind him every time of you when he enjoys his whiskey or any other drink in it. A truly beautiful and unique gift to cherish his 50th Birthday.

  41. The New York Times Birthday Book
  42. This very unique and personalized collection of the New York Times front pages from each year of his birthday will make your husband feel extra special on his big day. It´s also great to bring the whole family together to look back at the past 50 years. The perfect gift for the perfect man.

  43. Handmade Damascus Chef Knife Set
  44. Every man who loves to cook will need at least one good sharp knife for his kitchen equipment. With the Damascus Set, he can add five of these handmade chef knives to his collection and experience a big creative push to try out new recipes.

  45. Awesome Husband Coffee Mug
  46. For his morning coffee and to remind him how much you love him so he can start his day with a smile on his face. A special gift for the most awesome husband.

  47. Personalized Leather Weekender
  48. Is it time to visit the kids again or have you planned a romantic weekend getaway together? With this beautiful personalized leather bag your man will not only look stylish but also have enough room to pack everything he needs for a short trip. A thoughtful birthday gift for your beloved husband.

  49. Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener
  50. Your wine lover can use this stylish electric wine opener for your next romantic dinner or get together with family and friends. With its stainless steel and soft grip handle opening a good bottle of wine will be effortless and elegant. An extraordinary gift for the 50th Birthday!

  51. Beard Grooming Kit
  52. This beard grooming kit includes a beard conditioner, beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, beard brush, beard comb, beard scissor, storage bag and even an E-Book. To tame the mane of your husband gift him this set with natural ingredients to nourish his skin and to give his beard the care it deserves.

  53. Leather Journal
  54. For every husband that is a passionate writer or simply likes to bring things down on paper to organize his day to day life. This unique and high quality leather journal with a color of your choice and a personalized note on the cover will be a pleasant surprise for his 50th birthday!

  55. Sexy Truth or Dare
  56. Spice things up at home with this cheeky gift that is sure to get your hubby’s heart rate up! The set contains 100 racy seductions printed on double sided sticks, all you have to do is draw a stick and choose truth or dare!

  57. Personalized Handmade Canvas
  58. Beautiful, unique and handmade. Write down 50 reasons why you and your family love your husband, pick your color and don’t be too surprised if it brings your husband tears of joy on his 50th Birthday! Having this personalized canvas on the wall will remind your man daily why you love and cherish him!

  59. Barnett Gourmet Chocolate Cookies Box
  60. Has your husband got a sweet tooth? Time for a tasty treat! This Gift Box with 12 beautifully decorated cookies covered in gourmet chocolate and different toppings and flavors. Very elegant looking and perfect as a gift!

    These are the best 50th birthday gifts for your husband. No doubt you’ve found just what you were looking for. If not, read the list again! Our mix of different gifts for his birthday should tick some boxes. We’ve got some other great lists too, check out personalized gifts for men or 40th gifts for men!