21 Best Push Presents

Push Presents

Gifting the new mom a push present is the new thing to do to celebrate the fact that she’s just, well, pushed a baby out! Whether the gift is for your wife, a friend, your sister or someone at work, these helpful and useful gifts for new moms (or even experiences mom’s) will not only come in handy, they’ll also make her journey into motherhood easier. Here are our top picks for the best push presents!

  1. Spa Package
  2. Being a new mom takes it out of you, physically, emotionally and mentally. Gifting her a spa package is going to make her feel a million bucks and give her the refreshing and relaxing time to herself that she needs to be there for her baby and her family.

  3. Mama Nacklace
  4. This is a simple but stunning push present for the new mom. A simple chain with a “mama” love heart pendant, she can wear it everyday and she dotes on her new baby.

  5. Custom Signature Necklace
  6. Spoil her with a necklace that features your actual handwriting! For a super special push present for her, write your baby’s name and have it turned into a necklace that she can wear forever.

  7. Self Care Subscription
  8. This best selling subscription box will keep her feeling fresh, pampered and help her self care habits after she has her baby. Every month she’ll get up to eight items like aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body, skincare products, and other lifestyle goodies.

  9. Faux Fur Blanket
  10. This blanket will keep her and baby super snug and warm for afternoon naps on the couch and late night feeds in the nursery. Choose from a range of colors to suit her space.

  11. Mother Snacker Subscription
  12. With up to seven products per delivery such as artisan treats, unique everyday essentials, plus inspiration & encouragement, all hand-picked to make a mom’s life sweeter and easier.

  13. New Mom Mind Cards
  14. These cards are perfect for first time moms, each card offers a different tool or task to guide her in looking after herself during the early stages of motherhood, reminding her to prioritise self care and self love while she cares for her baby.

  15. Family Moon and Stars Necklace
  16. Add up to four stars to surround Mama Moon, and choose a birthstone gem to adorn each charm for a super special and personalized push present for the new mama or a second / third time mom!

  17. Care Package
  18. Having a baby is HARD, so to make it a little easier why not spoil her with this little gift set. The package contains things like a candle, lip balm and mug, and items can be customized too! This is perfect for a workmate or good friend!

  19. Pyjama Set
  20. Comfort is key when settling into mom life, there’s no time for jeans or fancy kits when her body is still recovering so a pair of beautiful pj’s will keep her comfortable and functional.

  21. Custom Name Ring
  22. This ring is customized with names of your choice and is something special she will cherish. Choose your babies names, mom and baby’s name, or yours and baby’s name, she’s sure to love this.

  23. Introverts Retreat Subscription
  24. Each box contains one novel, a sweet snack and beverage, and an introvert-themed candle, bath salts and soap — she might not have that much time for herself anymore but for all those little moments that she gets to unwind, this subscription box will be there for her.

  25. Ecocentric Mom Subscription
  26. The items in this subscription box are natural, organic, or Eco-friendly products that are matched to mama’s stage in pregnancy or baby’s monthly age up to 24 months old. Perfect!

  27. Infinity Ring
  28. Her love for her baby is infinite, and she’ll be able to show it off with this beautiful infinity symbol ring.

  29. Hand and Footprint Pendants
  30. These pendants can be added to a necklace or bracelet and features the actual handprint and footprint of her new baby! Such a special gift that she can keep forever and wear close to her heart.

  31. Batik Kimono
  32. This stunning robe features a traditional Indonesian batik design and will come in very handy for her after she gives birth. It will keep her comfy and she can easily wear it around the house as she feeds bubs and settles into motherhood.

  33. Sliced Raw Diamond Bracelet
  34. This beautiful bracelet is the perfect push present, made with unfinished natural diamonds, the 18K gold cuff features uncut diamond slices hand-set in a minimalist rectangle. So pretty!

  35. Cheese Grotto
  36. Now that she’s not pregnant anymore, it’s soft cheese time! This gorgeous little creation is designed to keep special cheese tasting its freshest and is something she can enjoy once she’s given birth.

  37. Spinning Wine Cheese Server
  38. She obviously couldn’t enjoy a good wine while she was pregnant, so this is a push present she is sure to get a lot of use out of after bub arrives! The built-in routed ring helps oxygen connect with more surface area of the wine, fancy!

  39. Mama Sweatshirt
  40. This cute sweatshirt will become her new go-to as a stay at home mom or a mom that’s on the go! Pair this gift with some of the other smaller gifts on this list, like the mind cards and the robe to make a beautiful little bundle for her.

  41. Face Roller
  42. She might be feeling unlike herself after she has her baby, so get her something that promotes self care. Designed with two massaging lines and micro-rollers to scoop and knead the face, neck, and décolletage from every angle, this contouring tool helps reduce puffiness for sharper-looking features.

    That’s our list of the best push presents! Hopefully you’ve found something you think will help her through her journey into motherhood or adapt to life with more than one child! Don’t forget to support her in other ways too, cook her a meal or do her laundry! For more gifts for mom’s, check out gifts for new mom’s!