32 Best Thank You Gifts For Your Boss

32 thoughtful thank you gifts for your boss

We spend so much time with our coworkers that they become an extension of our friendship group. If you are blessed with an awesome boss, sometimes it’s nice to get them a little something to say thank you. Maybe you are leaving your job, or the end of year Christmas party is coming up, or maybe they’ve just been super supportive and encouraging throughout your career and you want to show your appreciation. Either way, it can sometimes be a struggle to find a gift that is appropriate for the person you work for. We have searched high and low and present you with 32 of the most brilliant and thoughtful thank you gifts for your boss!

  1. Moving Card Holder
  2. Forget about boring, plastic business card holders. Behold, the moving card holder that your boss can build themselves! Clients and colleagues alike will be captivated by this brilliant gift, as your boss pushes a leaver to present their business cars in unique fashion. A great thank you gift for your boss if they are into mechanics, or they just love something that’s a little quirky.

  3. Funny Travel Bag
  4. If your boss is a fabulous unicorn that stands out from other average boss’s, they will definitely get a laugh out of this brilliant gift. With double-sided print and waterproof coating to ensure high quality images that will remain vibrant with daily use, your boss can take this bag travelling, or even use it as an office pencil case.

  5. Magnetic Notebook
  6. No doubt your boss spends most of their day writing things down, and then the other half of their day trying to find what they have written. Make their life a little easier with this awesome magnetic notebook that lets them move pages around to reorganise their notes. Lined and un-lined refills are also available, so your boss can use this notepad for years to come!

  7. Travel Mug
  8. From their morning coffee on the way to the office, to their afternoon pick me up on the way back from a meeting, your boss will never have to drink a cold coffee again. With a leak proof lid and Thermalock vacuum insulation, drinks stay hot up to 7 hours – or cold up to 18 hours (maybe they have a cheeky wine in there that needs cooling).

  9. Mug Warmer
  10. Between meetings and running the show, no doubt your boss has sat down at their desk to a cold tea or coffee on many occasions. This thoughtful and useful thank you gift for your boss will mean they never have that problem again. Just set it up on their desk and they can enjoy their warm drink for hours.

  11. Stylish Laptop Case
  12. Your boss will love being able to carry their laptop or tablet around in this sleek and stylish case. The built in card slot is ideal for holding their business card, USB sticks or keys, and the magnetic seal will keep their laptop or tablet secured in place. Available in a range of sizes that fit Apple and Samsung devices.

  13. Desktop Storm Cloud
  14. This super unique gift will make a fun and mesmerizing addition your bosses office desk or bookshelf. Special liquid inside the glass crystallizes in different patterns as the barometric pressure changes. Watch in awe as the weather outside changes inside the little cloud!

  15. Yoda Mug
  16. Every boss needs a mug that kisses their ass in some way or another! This Yoda mug is just that. It’s a great little gift for your boss if you get them for Secret Santa, or if you just want to say thank you in a simple and fun way. If your boss is a Star Wars fan, check out our ultimate list of gifts for Star Wars fans.

  17. At Home Meditation Lessons
  18. Your boss probably gets home from a long day of running the show, only to put in some extra hours before bed. Get them to break out of that habit with an at home meditation course. This is also a great idea if your office has just gone into working from home mode due to COVID-19! If that’s the case and you’re on the hunt for some hilarious gifts for your coworkers and friends in quarantine, check out our viral gifts for someone in quarantine.

  19. Zero Waste Bamboo Utensils
  20. It’s likely your boss often eats their lunch at their desk, on the go or not at all. This all natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo utensil set includes fork, spoon, knife, straw, brush and chopsticks, making it a great gift for the boss who is always on the go (which is most of them!)

  21. Novelty Beer Socks
  22. No list of thank you gifts for your boss would be complete without a pair of novelty socks. Your boss deserves a nice cold beer, and they can demand one from the comfort of their favourite lounge chair with the hidden message on the bottom of these socks.

  23. Adult Lunch Box
  24. Your boss can keep their lunch nice and fresh with this insulated lunch box. The ultra-thick foam core insulation technology will keep food cold or warm, and has an expandable side water bottle holder, inside mesh pockets, and slim back pocket that allows for plenty of storage space!

  25. Unique Wall Art
  26. If your boss’s office needs a bit of sprucing up, a great piece of wall art is the perfect addition. These stunning prints are hand painted and will add a modern twist to the office. Simply hang and marvel at their beauty!

  27. Stress Less Cards
  28. Running a company can be a seriously stressful gig. Help your boss stress less with these cards that they can keep at their desk or in their work bag. The pack contains 50 effective exercises to help relieve stress and deal with anxiety whenever it’s needed most.

  29. Wise Words From Influential Women
  30. No good office is complete without a seriously impressive collection of books. What better way to add to the collection than with a book of inspiring quotes by influential women. Whether your boss is male or female, they will love being inspired by these words of wisdom.

  31. Dandelion Paperweight
  32. A really cool take on what is usually a pretty boring office item! One of our more unique thank you gifts for your boss, this beauty is a real, hand-picked dandelion seed head preserved in a perfect, crystal clear sphere.

  33. Scientifically Proven Travel Pillow
  34. The ideal gift for a boss who is constantly travelling. This super cosy travel pillow is scientifically proven to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright, by holding your head in an ergonomic position. Your boss will love you forever for this one!

  35. Secret Book Safe
  36. Whether it’s the key to the accountants office, or their travel plans for next week, all bosses have things they need to keep safe and hidden away. This awesome safe looks like a real book and will blend in seamlessly to any bookshelf.

  37. Vinyl Record Coasters
  38. For the boss who is always going on about their record collection (we know you’re out there!) an extremely thoughtful gift is these fun coasters. The coasters are non slip and are perfect for any vinyl lovers desk!

  39. Perpetual Calendar
  40. Calendars always make great thank you gifts for your boss, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique then look no further. Perfect for any modern office, this super cool and sophisticated perpetual calendar is inventive, stylish and can be used year after year. Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. It’s the only calendar they will ever need!

  41. Rustic Throw Blanket
  42. There’s always that one person in the office who is constantly complaining that they’re cold. If this person is your boss, keep them quiet (and warm) with their own blanket. Made from 100% cotton, the versatile throw blanket can be taken home and put on the couch too!

  43. Funny Glasses Holder
  44. All glasses wearers can relate to putting your glasses down and not being able to find them again. Your boss will have no such worries with this funny looking, but very unique, wooden glasses holder! A fun addition to any office desk.

  45. Planter Pots
  46. Bring a little greenery into your boss’s life with these fun little planter pots. The black and white designs will match with any office decor, and they are a simple but thoughtful thank you gifts for your boss. All your boss has to do is find some little succulents to fill them!

  47. Magnetic Sand Hourglass
  48. Add a meditative element to your boss’s desk with the stalagmite-inspired magnets in this hourglass. Watch as the seconds tick by and weird and wonderful shapes are formed. Made from ferrous sand, combined with hidden magnets. This is an amazing gift for a boss that loves science or a boss that just loves cool things!

  49. Bluetooth Keyboard
  50. Your boss can work on the go with a cable-free connection, with this bluetooth keyboard that has an operating distance of up to 10 meters. Lightweight and with a long term battery life, it’s a great gift for your boss who needs to work on the go.

  51. Kate Spade Canvas Tote
  52. The perfect gift for female bosses are these cute tote bags by Kate Spade. Available in a range of designs, you can choose the one that suits her style best. All her daily essentials will fit perfectly into the tote, or she can keep it in the car for her reusable shopping bag.

  53. Breakfast Jar with Measuring Lid
  54. Thoughtful thank you gifts for your boss are ones they can utilise often. If you know your boss loves to bring in their overnight oats each morning, this breakfast jar set is ideal! With a measuring lid that will act as a measure for up to 50g of oats, and a silicone ring around the top has a slot to hold the included spoon!

  55. Granola Bar Snack Pack
  56. We all need a snack or five to get us through our work day, and your boss is no different! If your boss is snack conscious, these granola bars are carefully constructed to provide you with healthy, high-quality ingredients and a naturally great taste. Hopefully they share one with you!

  57. Arrow Book Ends
  58. Whether your boss wants to use these at work or at home, these creative book ends will make a great addition to their bookshelves! Available in three classic colours and made of cast iron metal, your boss’s book collection will be well kept.

  59. Ergonomic Gardening Set
  60. Does your boss spend the better part of Monday morning bragging about how long they spent in their garden over the weekend? Yes? Then they will dig this (get it?)! The collapsable bucket is easily folded down when not in use, and when popped up can hold up to 6 gallons of soil, and the outside pockets house the high quality hand tools.

  61. Cable Organizer
  62. I can see it now. Your boss’s desk, covered in papers and books with the cords of laptops, desktops, phones and other devices all tangled together under the desk. Ew! Organize your boss’s life ASAP with this nifty little cable holder, just attach it to under the desk and clip the cords in!

  63. Catus Ring Holder and Trinket Dish
  64. Make sure your boss never misplaces their rings or necklaces with this cute and quirky cactus ring holder and dish. Made from ceramic, the dish would make a great addition to their desk at work, or at home on the nightstand or in the bathroom.

    That’s our list of 32 of the most brilliant and thoughtful thank you gifts for your boss! Whether you work in a law firm, or in retail, there’s sure to be something on this list that your boss loves. If not, hopefully it’s given you some inspiration! Don’t forget to pair your gift with a great card that explains what you are thankful for!